Garage Via Regina 10, built in 1966 can accommodate 4 trucks. It is equipped with a ramp for unloading pallets directly from the trucks. The ramp was originally designed for the storage of beer, a service that abandoned in 2009 after 95 years.


Warehouse in Via Regina 8, 500 m2 , built 1970.
For years it was the warehouse of sugar and cacao for the company Chocolate TITLIS now Alprose. Today used by companies such as Micromacinazione SA and Brogioli SA.


The “Manifattura Tapeti” built in 1956, and purchased in 1987 by Baroni Trasporti provides spaces for their furniture and for machinery and other equipment. With its 3,000 m2 it fully resolves the problem of continuous shortage of space.


Our prices for the storage of furniture are:

in Boxes 10.- CHF for 1 m³ per month (excluding VAT and insurance*)

In the Boxes 5 m3 with closure “inviolable”: 100. – CHF per month
In the Boxes 7 m3 with closure “inviolable”: 150. – CHF per month
(Excluding VAT and insurance)

A 3 to 4 room apartment is equivalent to about complete BOX (35m³)
minimum 30.- CHF per month.

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